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Eastern Construction, Inc. has been serving the area since 1994. We are a locally owned and operated company that focuses on Pembroke home repairs and complete home remodeling and renovation.

From custom home building to electrical repairs, Eastern Construction, Inc. has the expertise and experience to guarantee quality results every time.


Pembroke Home Repairs

We offer only the best when it comes to improving your Pembroke home. Our first responsibility as Pembroke home repair experts is to protect your belongings, carpeting and floor surfaces while providing proper superior home repair service at affordable prices.

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Pembroke Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

A great way to update a tired looking bathroom is to opt for Pembroke bathroom remodeling. Bathroom remodels can range from complete remodels to simple updates such as adding a sink vanity or a new wall cabinet which can be installed by your Pembroke remodeling contractor. No matter what your bathroom remodeling needs maybe, we can help give your bathroom a fresh new image at a cost that won't break the bank.

If you’re planning on starting home improvements to your Virginia home, then you should consider starting with kitchen remodeling in Pembroke. Because the kitchen it is the most commonly used area and is usually the first room in the home that starts showing wear and tear from everyday use, kitchen remodeling is one of the smartest home investments that you can make.

Pembroke Interior & Exterior Painting

Inside and out, Pembroke painting is a big job! You want a finished paint job that will protect your Virginia home from the elements as well as enhance its appearance and value.

Exterior painting must survive hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters without blistering, cracking or peeling. If done correctly, it will also help to seal your home's interior from moisture, mildew, dry rot, termites and other environmental factors.

When it comes to interior painting, design and durability are important for a successful paint job. The new paint should work well with your interior decor, needs to be done neatly and completely, without damage to your ceilings, floors, and furnishings.

When you want professional Pembroke painting services at the most affordable rates, the best thing for you to do is contact the expert painters at Eastern Construction, Inc. We provide only the best when it comes to house painting.

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